Ernst Paulduro
63477 M
aintal, GERMANY




We design wildlife sculptures as small scale, life-size or enlarged pieces, mainly in naturalistic but also in abstract style. Our artwork is available as limited editions, or on request as single edition pieces.

As exceptional artwork our wildlife sculptures are not only representing a certain animal species. Furthermore we create the expression of an individual as a very special animal portrait. Our bronze sculptures are exceptional pieces of fine art which can be used as attractive and valuable elements for indoor and outdoor decoration, for example as fountains. 

Not all our bronze sculptures can be featured herein. Please inquire for additional sculptures. For prices and information please contact us.




Gila monster

Horned viper


Horned viper

sable antelope

alligator snapping turtle



desert scorpion

asian spadefoot toad


Tokay gecko

indian rhinoceros-juvenile

desert tortoise



beach crab



pond terrapin on leaf

knob-tailed gecko



pond terrapin

tawny owl

Sea horse pair


Moroccan Toad